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Xuzhou Keyo Electric Co.,LTD is a leader in the production of reliable

Slip Rings, Each of our products is of the highest quality in engineering
, design and workmanship.  We are proud to be ISO 9001 ,CE ROHS
Certified for Quality Control throughout our entire company.   Contact
us today for free pricing information!......
Where slip rings can be used?
How to choose the right slip rings you need?
Important technical data should be provided when choosing slip rings.
What kinds of signals can be transmitted by our slip ring?
Guide for correct using and insllation of through bore type slip rings.
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Mini Series Slip Rings Capsule Series Slip Rings Separate Series Slip Rings
12.5 / 15.5 mm 22.0 / 25.0 mm 2-12 Channels
2-24 Channels 2-76 Channels 0-2 Amps
0-2 Amps 0-2 Amps 0-240 Volt
0-240 Volt 0-240 Volt 0-100 Rpm
0-300 Rpm 0-300 Rpm  
HD Series Slip Rings Through bore Slip Rings Customized Slip Rings
22.0 mm 12.7 - 90.0 mm 0 - 300.0 mm or more
8-12 Channels 2-200 Channels or more 2-200 Channels or more
0-2 Amps 0-50 Amps 0-250 Amps
0-240 Volt 0-380 Volt 0-500 Volt
0-100 Rpm 0-300 Rpm 0-1000 Rpm
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